Red Wine (Served Chilled)

 Red Wine

Okay. It’s a certified genetic disorder – dumminess in the kitchen. This was one of those moments that either have you speechless or jawless because it’s dropped with a clank onto the floor. One of my aunts was enjoying a tour around Spain and sent back some supposedly pricy, premium red wines which she had wanted to collect. To those who are in regions or countries where red wine is as cheap as water, this story may not be that horrific to you. But to someone from my region, these kinds of things are hard to come by.

A less ‘sophisticated’ aunt received the package and in her “logic” that wine (of any colour) should be chilled given that they age best in ‘cellars overseas’, thought that she should just take a short-cut. So, she stuck those bottles into the freezer. Needless to say, whatever left was… well, no longer suitable to keep as the corks were cracked and red cold liquid oozed out of those now literally priceless bottles. So, we had frost-bitten “iced” wine to go with our meal.



  1. tbeeean said

    Oh là là, my father in laws will have a heart attack if he knew this. Already when he saw my sister put some ice on her glass of wine, he almost fainted.

  2. dummy said

    Well, the aunt who wanted to keep those wine nearly fainted. I don’t think she’s ever trusted family to receive anything for her ever since.

  3. judithgr said

    Are you already finished with your culinary repertoire? Why not make the pasta with broccoli? (If you really want to keep the dummy thing, you could use live fish.)

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