Have a Bite

Steamed Rice

Nothing needs to be said about my skills in a kitchen, I suppose. I started this blog because I have none… skills, that is. But I love food and there’s nothing more satisfying than tasting one’s own creations or poor imitations of what could be great grub. It may be poor, but it has personal touch. In this department, I’m a hopeless dreamer. I wish to be able to cook well, so, I refuse to believe this is an art graced by the gifted few with equally great photography skills. But my drive to learn is actually lower than my dreams. So, read and learn with me and see food preparation through my ungifted eyes, listen to my culinary mishaps and provide me suggestions if you have any. I intend this to be a fun stab at blogging about cooking simple meals (I can only handle simple) or mixing two or more already prepared concoctions into something edible. And I promise I will eat what I cooked, or at least make sure my poor lab rats do (whoever sharing my meals with me on their unlucky day). Enjoy.


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